Friday, August 3, 2007

Its here. So I'm Ottawa bound for the weekend. My cat-obsessed now naked friend has a cool mountain bike ride planned for us. I've been having nightmares since I read his last post!!! I have a massage in about an hour from now then its 5 hours in the car fighting with long weekend traffic.

Almost a week off the bike feel weird. Hell the last 2 weeks there has barely been any riding just 2 long races. Its going to be a bit strange getting back into a training schedule again. Now with this nasty heat wave we have had the last week I will be honest and say I didn't mind relaxing. I love the heat but the beach was more enjoyable.

I'll get out on the road bike for a couple hours tonight to loose up the body. Should get lots of great pictures from this weekend.

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Craig said...

Yeah Matt, I'll also take lots of pictures of you . . . . on the ground, flailing about, trying to keep up on the technical stuff. Brraaaaahhhahaaha! Should be a fun ride though!
See you in Ottawa.