Sunday, August 19, 2007

who beat me while I was sleeping?

My legs don't work!!!! Whole crap are my calves killing me. I'm walking around like an old man and it hurts to walk up stairs. Why? Oh ya some dumbass ran a 10k trail run with zero training let alone the paddling and riding after it. Everything is very tight but will release. Its going to be a mellow week for me with Hot August Nights coming next weekend. The legs are a bit better this afternoon but of course they lock up when I don't do anything for a while.

I did go on a 2 hour recovery ride this morning. It did help and about an hour in things felt good. Sprinting still hurt though. Lots of stretching this week. I'll be riding with a couple friends on Tuesday night down in Copeland Forest. It will be a very easy pace. Besides that I'll preride the course on Friday.

The map is up and it looks like a fun course. Some preriders have posted times of 55 minutes and about 15 km. I'll figure the elite single lap guys will run mid to high 40s and I should hopefully run low 50 minute laps for the whole race. With that it could be a 24 lap finish for Rick and I. I'm getting a bit anxious for the race. My other light will be in on time also which makes me happy!!!!!

Weather for the race is looking not to bad and there are some chances of rain this week. I'm hoping so, the dust was murder on the lungs. Were camping again with Big Ring (Craig) with Tanya beside us but It will become one big site. Should be another great race and I'm hoping to stick to this winning streak I'm on. I like the podium A LOT!!!!

Hot tub time.


Craig said...

funny looking course for HAN. 55 min laps - lots of single track - should be a faster HAN course than usual.

The Vegan Vagabond said...

Sounds like a fun course! Yay single track.

Look forward to seeing you at HAN! Hope your legs feel better soon. A 10km run would wreck my legs as well :)

Anonymous said...

Good job on your first AR Matt. Those WonderWomans didn't have a chance...Jus kiddin, you guys are lucky Tobin and i weren't there :0)
Looking forward to HAN, bikes are in.