Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Comfort food. Fall to the dark side. I didn't bring this up on Monday because I didn't want to show weakness. Feeling drained from the weekend I really didn't feel like cooking a good meal after treatment. I was hungry and tired and borderline grumpy. Beer, wings and pizza. MMMMM good.

Back at it last night with a recovery ride and yoga. The legs are feeling amazing today. The Molly Monster is recovered and the plan is to play in the new snow tonight with a couple hours of snowshoeing.

Are rodent, opps sorry groundhog has predicted an early spring but the way it's looking outside today I think the little rat is lying. It's finally come out of the minus 20's but they are still calling for steady snow all week. Not sure if I will get any outdoor mileage in over the next week. I'm hoping.

Time for work.

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