Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tough day today. 3:45 spent on the bike with an hour of hard intervals. Yep the legs are a little tired but in a good way. I think someone lit a fire under my ass his morning since I was drinking coffee at 5:30am on a Sunday. I think I need to give my head a shake sometimes.

I do enjoy these Sunday club training even though the only one who seems to stay with me for the full four hours is my buddy Rob. He is coming back from torn ACL and really wants to be back racing Expert again. The guy is motivated and it's nice to have someone to talk to during the base mileage time. Off course during the power intervals all that was coming out of my mouth was alot of huffing and puffing. Can't be an easy ride everyday.

The 08 race season is coming fast. My mind is getting into things a bit more everyday but after watching 24 solo after the main work out I am really craving sometime in the trails. I know that Toronto got hammered with snow this weekend but I wonder what the Don Valley Trail is like during the winter. ANyone? Not sure whether to trying and do a long weekend drive down south to get this dirt craving under control. Just the fact of not wearing 3 layers of clothing for a ride would be nice let alone the half hour of cleaning needed after the ride.

We have another short heat wave coming over the next 3 days. Plus 8 and pouring rain. Nice weather eh!! Not warm enough to melt everything in the bush but just enough to completely screw up snowshoeing and x-c skiing. Should make things interesting for the crew that is heading to the Canadian Ski marathon in Quebec next weekend. Last year the course was cut down dramaticlly because of the lack of snow. Will be interesting to hear the stories.

Alright its SuperBowl Sunday Go UMMMMM who is playing? Later!

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