Thursday, February 21, 2008

Yesterday gave me more cravings for singletrack. Was able to geta late afternoon snowshoe in. The sun was out (for a change) and the tempature was hovering around minus 6. Nice. The perk of snowshoeing, park the car, pick a direction and just go.

About 30 minutes in I came across a huge grid of pine trees. GRRRR I love pine trees. The eyes just started looking for the lines. The mind started thinking about sections of Tom's Forest, Albion Hills, Hardwood Hills, actually just about everywhere I love to ride. Where ever there are pine trees it's usually a fast flowing section of trail. Ok snow you can melt now!!!

Just over an hour later the Molly Monster was back to sane and I had a greater craving to be on the trails.

Tonight was on the bike, unfortunatly it was indoors. Did hit the gym this afternoon but bailed on the idea of riding in. I think it was more the idea of cleaning the cross bike afterwards that discouraged me more than the weather.

Being a peak week the gym workout hurt, wait the gym always hurts. The gym BLAH!!!! I will say that the new workout is showing good results already. My knee is feeling amazing. I still wait to get a bit of pain in certain movements but it's not there. The new workout is really working on VMO. The rest of the leg has become more balanced now it's time to work on the last weakness.

Back to the bike. Tough intervals tonight BUT I have to thank Mr. Reznor for the distractions tonight. I ended up watching the 2006 NIN With Teeth concert while doing my workout. Do you know how hard it is to recover between sets while listening to this music. Either way it made the 1:30 go by very quickly. Much better than watching a tour video or movie.

One more tough day then into a recovery week. I'm hoping to get some real miles in this weekend. Lets see if the weather allows it.

gotta run

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