Monday, February 4, 2008

The Molly Monster is down and out. My poor poor puppy is crashed. Well literally crashed into the side of a snowmobile. Mom was puppy sitting and walking the trails with her and Molly's addiction for chasing fast moving things took over. She is used to chasing me. Man did my head just swell.

Well the snowmobile was going slow atleast and she lunged after it and took the worst of it. Nothing major just a nice gash to the top of her front paw. Maybe that will teach her. Probably not. She is obessed as much as her master. Of course she is so sweet when she is drugged up.

Me on the other hand. I say my own Dr. tonight as Dr. Bill bent the shit out of my legs. Have you ever noticed how high a threshold of pain you develop because of racing. It's actually a bit sick when I'm saying harder to both my physio and massage therapist. Hmmm sadist massicist? Well we do inflict a lot of pain on ourselves during 24 hour races. Now I have yet to see any wips on the course but lots of chains and now that I think about it some of those tree branches have definatly whacked me once or twice. \

Legs are feeling fantasitic today. I'm hoping that the roads will be clear enough tomorrow for me to throw some slicks on the cross bike and squeeze a couple hours in before the gym. I really need some speed in my diet. If I can't have dirt some fast times on the road will definitly give me another boost.

Alright time to go check in on the Monster. Vet said she will be up and at it tomorrow with no movement restrictions. Back to her crazy self.

No pictures either, having a problem posting

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