Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Rest, Rest, Rest!! Well lets just at recovery into that line also. Yesterday was a day of that. Rest and recovery. I took the day off and took full advantage of it. I was able to get to my friend Heather's (www.dharmayogawellnesscentre.blogspot.com)yoga class. Awww just what the body needed. New poses and stretches.

Later in the day was recovery of the different sort. Dr. Bill riped my legs to shreds. The fun thing was I liked it. My hip flexor were feeling it this morning. We also had some time to go over where my riding was at along with weight training. This included some additional activities. My skis are now away for the rest of the season.

As bad as this sounds but I'm not that disappointed. This weekend is the 4th annual 24 hour x-c ski race at Mountainview. I raced in this last year. Lets just say I have a totally different respect for the guys in the race. I was on a 4 person team and I was pretty trashed at the end of the event. There were 3 soloist. Yep 24 hour solo on skis. Sick bastards.

At least on the bike I can coast and sit down. There is no real rest on skis. You just keep pushing along. I had planned at doing this solo myself last year but I had little mileage in.

of course 4 days before the race I get that call asking me if I want to race, their short 2 skiers. Doctors orders. My knees are great right now and we are not taking any chances. I'm thinking back to the adventure race that pushed them over the edge. It was a win that I would give up to not have just dealt with what I have over the last 4 months.


Check out there site if your interested. Probably still room for more teams.

Today was a nice recovery ride to the gym. There are times that I wish I didn't live in such a hilly area. This was one of those times. Do you know how hard it is to keep your heartrate in zone 1 on a 12 percent grade hill!!

This is a week of double duty. Rest the legs, easy training and get that annoying list of chores done. I'm definatly hiring a house cleaner once the riding hours start to increase.

Tomorrow is masage and yoga.

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