Thursday, February 14, 2008

A crazy week it coming to an end. Woo hoo. Last night was spent playing in the snow for a few hours. Met up with Heather and her partner in crime Dharma(dog). The Molly Monster is back to full speed so snowshoeing was the choice for the evening.

We have had so much snow in the last couple weeks that all the trails are amazing. Scout Valley was tonights play ground. I've never been here and of course going at night always adds to the challenge. The weather was perfect at around minus 10. This was definatly the type of workout I needed to get the mind cleared and get that love of teh winter going again. The trails were amazing and the company I had made the night perfect. We met up with another freind of Heather's. 3 people, 3 dogs.

Just under two hours of steady pace tromping left this huge smile on my face. Some great conversations were had during this adventure including someone bringing up the fact that most people were probably staring at a t.v. numbing their minds as we were out enjoying what the earth has to offer. Aww there is my deep thoughts for the night.

Molly is trashed and slept all day. It's been great. For myself the body felt amazing this morning. The knee has been feeling good with the new treatment and the revision in training. I'm starting to like winter again.

Gotta run

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