Thursday, February 7, 2008

When is enough enough? So 24 hours don't seem to be long enough for you? Here comes the next step. How about a 36 hour race? Hey adventure racers have been doing this for years so why not take it over to the mountain bike world.

I know the guy behind the scene and he is very capable of putting on a great event. His 9 hour last year was still one of all time favorite courses. Does this get me wanting to go longer than 24 hours? I really don't know. A tag team would be interesting for sure and the tactics into this distance would definatly change. It will be interesting to see how this event develops.

Ok back to the present. Finally got some outdoor miles in on Tuesday night. AWWW the feel of speed. Hell any forward motion is fun after 4 hours on the trainer. Climbing felt amazing and was happy at the pace/heartrate I could hold on the steep climbs. Guess all those hours of mind numbing base is paying off.

I've kicked myself in the butt again about my active recovery time. Mainly getting more yoga back in the mix. With so many different things going on with the company, the bike, the new car and getting the rental apartment ready something had to give and it was yoga. Yep, the one that shouldn't be cut out and I've paid for it a bit. Back at it now.

Test day is coming. The house is going to be packed this weekend with riders. I'm holding a test day here and there will be steady flow of bikes coming in all weekend. Atleast I won't be the only one suffering this time.

Alright time to go dig myself out again this morning as there is a foot of fresh snow sitting in the driveway.

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