Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Was a bit upset this morning. Watching the morning Toronto news this morning at 6 am armed with my coffee when the big flash of a fire downtown comes up. Major fire, 6 alarm fire which from their description means huge. I continue seeing the highlights for the next hour. Smoke everywhere, additional buildings catching on fire. So far the only good thing is everyone got out of all the buildings.

About 15 minutes in the truck listening to the am talk/news radio show (yes I'm a news junkie) on my way to the first service call I hear something that indirectly affects me. Duke's Cycle is one of the businesses that was in the fire. I've never been to the shop but they are a major sponser for most of the mountain biking here in Ontario. It's a family owned and run company that has been in the same location for over 90 years. The owner was on the radio station giving his outlook on the situation.

We had a fire in our storage/shop a year and a half ago and it disrupted our business, I can't even imagine what they are dealing with. Hopefully they will be able to rebuild quickly. I've heard that they are a great bike shop to deal with. Would hate to see a great family business stop because of this.

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