Sunday, February 24, 2008

The sun is shinning and I'm indoors. This was one of those days I wish I could have bailed on the club
and played outside but I stuck to my duties and ran the spin. I'm into a recovery week so it was 3 hours of

From there I did a yoga session with the club. I've learned the hard way about recvoery and the need to
stretch. A couple years ago I had to drop out of a couple races with Siatic nerve problems that were brought
on by tight muscles. Hell I was lucky if I could touch my knees a couple years ago. Yoga is a great
addition to any training program. List it as your active recovery if you need to put in the hours.

I've also found that it helps on your focus. Focus is everything when it comes to endurance racing.
Yes it is goign to hurt adn yes you will sometimes want to get off the bike. This focus will help
you get through it.

It was interesting hearing the growns during yoga versus the ones during the workout. I think
everyone found it opened their eyes to their weaknesses. Recovery is as important as the training
itself. You get stronger when your resting.

Now with the sun out and teasing us with the thought of warmer tempatures on the way I spent the an hour or
so in a Muskoka chair soaking up the rays. It's time to start getting some of those tan lines. Hell I have
permanent jersey tan lines on my arms.

Is it spring yet?

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