Monday, February 11, 2008

A day of rest. Thank you. This weekend really did knock the crap out of me. I'm not complaining at all but I'm really enjoying this mellow night.

Sunday was spent on the trainer. I ran this session twice with the tri club and of course I'm going to work my self a bit harder than everyone else. Self drive can be a bitch. This was a power session with low cadence high resistence but also included Squats, 3 times 3 sets of 1 minutes reps. Just going for a minute with high rep hurts, I had to step it up a bit with 50 pounds attached to the arms. All in all I probably did well over 500 squats over my 2 hours with the club. Finished up with an hour of base miles.

I think the best part of this workout, besides hearing everyone curse my name near the end of the workout was spending the time on the mountian bike. I've been staring it so much that I needed to get a bit of seat time with it. MMMM feels good.

With the craving to be on the mountain bike comes the craving of dirt. I'm planning a trip to ride the Don Valley Trail system in the next couple weeks. Toronto got hammered with snow. Ok let me repharse that, they got about a foot of snow but for them that is being hammered. The 5 foot snowbank in my front yard is my defense. Normally its pretty clear down there so the trail systems are very much rideable. It's some crazy off camber stuff and it really only takes about an hour or so to ride everything BUT! it's better than sitting on the trainer and a lot easier than making a trip to the southern states.

On the body issue front, Dr. Bill has a few revisions coming for me involving my weight training program. I wonder how much he enjoys making me hurt. Between the workouts and treatments he really does like to make me hurt. It's all worth it though when I say the wattage numbers after the test. I also know there is more power sitting there hidden under the knee iratation. It's no longer a problem but more an annoyance. It hurts but not much as it did and only when I'm at full power.

The photo side is working sorta

This is the new toy. I'm getting a bit anxious for it.

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