Saturday, February 2, 2008

It was one of those life draining days. Woke up and everything was going good. Great cup of coffee in the morning. Checked some emails etc. Got preped for the morning session on the bike etc. A typical Saturday. With the mass amount of snow that we had I was forced to the rollers this morning. The plan was for some interval training.

I've yet to get a wattage trainer. Next season. Did the next best thing. Increased tension. 4x5minute intervals with an increase in gear ratio each interval. One minute recovery between intervals. Lets just say at the end of the last set I had to get of my bike and just sit on the ground for a minute or two.

From there things went downhill. Not in a destroying everything way but in a frustration with everything way. My monster snowblower was ready for pickup, Again. This is the second time it was in the shop since the first time didin't fix it. 2 weeks away this time. Did the grunt work of emptying the Element to be able to load it in. Got back to Mom's and the shop. This is where the frustration began. 15 minutes into clearing her driveway the chain blew off. Same problem Again. It's going back tot he shop on Monday. Getting a wee bit pissed.

The next part of my day was supposed to be fun. A trip to Toronto to start searching for my new car. I had a few dealerships marked out that had the cars I was interested in. The first place I hit had one of the cars I really really wanted to test drive and possiblyu buy that day. Lets just say that the salesman was the biggest idiot I've ever met and if I ran my company the way this guy treated me I'd be out of business very quickly. I'm not sure if its just the way salesman are in the city but holy crap. When I asked about tested driving a car he said straight out that he doesn't test drive cars until we start negotiating prices and I put a deposit on it. Ummm ya I'm going to drop a huge chunk of cash on something I've never even driven. Lets just say I won't be dealing with this guy. To bad so sad Sorry about your luck. Of course the other dealerships were not much better.
In the end I did get to do what I needed to and got in touch with a local dealer who gave me the good vibe of customer service. I'm going with a car a year or two older than intialy planned but it has a ton of amazing toys on it that i like. An Audi Allroad will be sitting in my driveway in the next couple weeks.

After the b.s. of the car search was a trip to the evil place. Mountain Equipment Co-op is a great place to drop a huge chink of money without even breathing. I was controlled today and stuck to the plan. The Molly Monster had fun with all the attention she got. I even ran into an old friend there.

Another 1.5 hour in the car and I was home. Sore back from to much driving and starving. A beer killed the appetite. It's late, I'm tired and I have a long day tomorrow. bed time.

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