Thursday, January 31, 2008

Mother nature really does have a sick sense of humour. Yes, I do know I live in the snowbelt area. Yes, I know that it is January. Yes, I know there is supposed to be a crap load of snow on the ground. The question I have is why the hell is the snow only in my town!!! My company is based in Barrie which is about a 25 minute drive south of here. Today there was grass showing just about everywhere and the roads were clear and dry. The sun was out, no wind and at minus 7 it's not bad for January. On my way home I'm thinking I can get a couple hours in outdoors and maybe even on some slicks instead of the cross wheels. Missing that speed right now.

YA RIGHT!!! It snowed here part of the morning which meant no speed for this fella. A few unplanned delays kept me from getting on the bike as early as I had wanted. My original plan of a two hour loop over to the gym was downgraded to an hour. Well some outdoor time is better than none. It felt great and the tempature was hovering around the minus 6 range but the sun made it all worth while.

Slide into the gym for an hour of abuse before the ride home. Is everyone that social when they are at the gym? I forgot my headphones today so went musicless and it was almost impossible to do my full set without someone starting to chat. Maybe I'm just anti social. Note to self Music brings focus to Matt. It's not that I don't like to be social its that I hate the gym and want to get my workout done as fast as possible. I can sit on the bike for hours on end but the gym is so dam boring.

Now the first part of my ride was great. Sun was up good tempature etc. The return trip was almost cruel. I don't think the tempature was that much colder but with out the sun I was a wee bit chilly. To top things off it was so cold that my headset was starting to freeze up. Glad I wasn't on slicks so I couldn't get rolling that fast. Probably be dead in a snowbank somewhere. Also with the cold tempature no pictures. To cold to pull the camera out. All in all it was 2.5 hours of fun and tourture. You can pick which one is which.

Relax time. outa here

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