Friday, January 25, 2008

Finally got out of the indoor training regiment. Wednesday night I met up with Heather for a couple hours of play time in Tom's forest. I so needed this.

I'm just coming up to a rest week and the body is feeling a little weak so a fun snowshoe was just what the body was asking for. The Molly Monster was happy too and I don't need to duct tape her feet to the floor to slow her down.

With the crazy weather and the lack of skiing or snowshoeing I don't know how had more pent up energy. Me or her.

Thursday was a different story. It was supposed to be a mix of gym and bike time. The gym was the easy part. Well not really. Hardest sets of the week and I think that is why I just couldn't get on the bike when I got home. I should have integrated a ride to the gym but with all the crazy amounts of snow we have had I just couldn't motivate myself for it. Yep rest week next week. I need it.

The legs are feeling strong even though my knee has been a bit sore the last couple days. It's related more to my I.T. Band being stupid tight and not having a massage for another week and a half is not going to help to much. I'm feeling a bit drained. Is it the increase in training, the increase in snow and extra work load, the lack of sun. I don't know but I think I'll be back at it by the end of next week full of energy. If I see an increase in power at my test that will definitely help.

On the bike tomorrow, going to attempt an outdoor ride. Weather permitting. A little sun would be nice. MMMM I think its the sun I miss the most.

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