Saturday, January 5, 2008

The deep freeze is over. Well at least for the next week. Of course I'm going to take advantage of it and get some outdoor miles in. My cross bike is going to need a major overhaul by the time spring comes around. Whats that saying. Ridden hard put away wet. And dirty and salty. That was the plan for it.

Training schedule called for 1.5 hours today plus the gym. Well I took the long way to and from the gym. Now it is one of the things that I hate but also love about this area. It's far from flat. They may not be extremely long but everything here is steep. Throw some snow on the road and it becomes interesting.

One thing that I have been starting to work on with the winter riding is climbing while standing and not loosing traction. I've always had a problem of losing grip ]in the trails. Of course on the road this is where I like to hurt the boys on those long climbs. I can really pick up the pace when on the road and want to be able to transfer that skill over to the mountain bike. Being on carbon hardtails this year also plays well with this technique. With that said if you can climb on the snow and keep traction dirty should be easy.

Going up

And up

and so is my heartrate. Still in zone 3. Barely

Even Slimer was taking a deep breath

Now those narrow strips of clear pavement seem to get even smaller at 55 km/h. That was restraint descending. Summertime on my road bike I've seen in excess of 80km/h on the same decent. I like speed a little to much. Ask those that have driven with me.

They are calling for plus 8 and drizzle for tomorrow so outdoor training is questionable. I'm going to try and sneak an hour ski in first thing in the morning. The Molly Monster needs a good run. All week the temperatures are well above the freezing mark. We could lose alot of snow very quickly. It's looking like a roller day though. BLAH AND BORING.

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