Monday, January 28, 2008

Still got it. I am feeling better though. I'm just a grump S.O.B. when I'm sick. I better get better soon before someone smacks me. Had my Monday night abuse session with Dr. Cameron. Recovery is much more important than most think.

if you think about the time that we spend on the bike and the amount of time most actually spend stretching or with massage it is more than likely not enough. If you spend 3-4 hours on your bike but only 15 minutes of stretching afterwards do you really think that's enough? Nope!!!! I learned this the hard way a couple years ago and the total cost of that was a few DNF's that could have been prevented.

I spend on average 5 hours minimum a week with stretching/yoga and it has made a world of difference. This is not including the A.R.T and physio from Dr. Bill or the massages from Cindy. I'd be a giant pretzel if I didn't put this time in. Active recovery is even better than sitting on the couch watching the tube on those rest days.

With the last quote though my down time with this cold and rest week has been spent searching the online car dealers in search of my new toy. The Subaru has put her time in and will be off to a new owner in the very near future. I've pretty much got the Sub sold before I have the new car even found. Treating myself with the new toy even though I've already heard that " No Mr. Spak we won't insure you with that type of vehicle" line go through my head after I looked at a 340 horsepower Audi S6 wagon. Don't need it but!!! I'm off to the city this Saturday for some test driving. Great way to finish up a rest week.

Back to resting. 2 days to feel good, 2 days till power test.

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