Thursday, January 17, 2008

The last two days have been fun. Tough indoor training session yesterday. Yep riding in a room with a view. Unfortunately the view doesn't change much. This afternoon was looking up also. Thursdays are the beat the crap out of Matt day. With a recovery day tomorrow along with physio treatment Dr. Bill wants me to go hard at the gym. Thanks.

This also still incorporates some time on the bike. The plan was a sub hour ride to the gym but with as many hill intervals as I could squeeze in. Things were going great, well except for the pain in my chest. Into the longest roller things went down hill. Nope the body didn't fail, the bike did.

I would estimate that I have close to 40,000 km on the road and a complete unaddable number in the trails in the last 5 years and I have never ever broke a chain. Until now. I was lucky that I didn't get kicked off the bike since I was standing when it happened.

This was on the Blue cross bike. I know that I'm the main reason it broke. Well let me rephrase that I know that me riding the last 3 months in complete crap like salt, dirt and snow has been far from kind to the drive train. This is also the only bike that I have a Shimano chain on. There will be a Sram put on tomorrow.

Of course I didn't have a chain tool. Why would I? Ya dumbass. Wait I know why. Because I have a cell phone and a loving mother that lives a few blocks from my place. Mom is also my biggest supporter and heads the pit crew. If only she learned how to fix bikes. Just kidding.

So with the wrench through into my spokes it was forcing my self to stay hyped for the gym. Walked in the door, changed, jump in the car and was at the gym with in 15 minutes. At the end of the workout I was kinda happy not to have the 30 minute ride home. My arms are aching and I wish my legs were feeling that good. These super sets really hammer you. Some of my sets included 12 rep step ups onto a 2 foot bench with 80 pounds. After 12 step ups for each side I go right into 20 inverted push ups. Ya the heart rate was up in the 180s. Set two was worst. 12 step ups with the right leg then 20 push ups then 12 reps with the left leg followed by another 20 push ups. Oh ya one more set of the same. Just an example of what I'm doing. It is working though. Making huge jumps in strength every week. Will see how it transfers on the bike at the end of the month when I get tested again.

Awww rest day. Tough weekend coming so I think I will take advantage of it. Later!!!!

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the original big ring said...

if you're breaking chains, you must be getting stronger.
You animal!!