Monday, January 7, 2008

Ok it's January and we had a thunderstorm this afternoon. Skiing is pretty much going to be non existent by the end of the week. It hit a record high here of 11 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow is supposed to be even warmer. I thought I lived in the snow belt? Sure I love the fact that the roads are clear of ice and snow BUT this
just isn't right.

Where am I going with this. I'm going on a bit of a rant about the environment. I think every cyclist out there is a bit of an environmentalist. If you're not you might want to reconsider because you may not have a place to ride one day. So couple things I've noticed now. Every notice that people really only care about the environment when its a convenient. I swear they created carbon credit so the rich have a reason to still drive their Hummers and Escalades.

I like Dr. Suzuki and he has some great ideas but I sometimes think they are a little short sighted. Like changing all our light bulbs. Hmmm great idea less power used BUT how many people are taking out perfectly good bulbs and throwing them in the garbage? And how are we going to deal with the new bulbs disposal? Don't they have Mercury in them? Wouldn't it be a bigger energy saver by just shutting off the light when your not in that room? Just a thought.

Now alot of you know I own a major appliance repair company. IE fridge stove etc. Couple big tips for you if you want to save power and create less waste. First off, your old fridge is not a huge power sucker in most cases. Hydro companies are pushing you to get a new fridge to save power BUT how much power and raw material was used to make that new fridge. Also how much energy is going to be used to dispose of that old fridge. Also if its more than 15 years old it has the r12 refrigerant which was what damaged the ozone layer. I wonder if how many systems are recovered properly?

If you want your fridge to work more efficiently keep it full!!!! Air changes temperature very quickly. The less air in the fridge the more efficiently it will run. A chink of meat takes along time to thaw but yet air will change temperature in a matter of seconds. The more in the fridge the better. The next big one is your washer. Ideal everyone should have a front loader. Less Water, more clothes washed at once, higher rate of spin meaning less time on your dryer, which really sucks the power, less soap, and easier on your clothing All this means less impact. BUT do not just throw out your old washer. Same thing as a fridge, How much power
would it take to make and dispose of the old unit.

Short slightness has gotten to where we are. A friend of mine sent me this website and it really set me off to type this. EARTHHOUR.ORG VERY INTERESTING!!!

Anyone wanting tips on how to make your appliance more efficient please feel free to contact me. I'm done ranting!!!

Ok back to the bike side of things. No training tonight but an hour and a half of abuse. Physio is almost as hard as any workout. Dr. Bill riped apart my legs tonight. Ever notice how you start to like certain pain. It hurts like hell having tendons and muscles stretched. AWWWW good pain. Man I think I have some issues!!!!

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