Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Rain delay. I'm pretty much sick of the rain. Bailed on the gym tonight for a home workout. 2 hours on the trainer. BLLAAHHHHH and then followed with some core work. Dr. Bill has sent me my new weight training routines. I thought he was trying to help me not hurt me. These will go into effect on Thursday.

The time on the bike was more important today than the gym so no love lost not going. Because of the steady rain I had ZERO craving to ride in which meant wasted time driving there and back.

It's going to be a busy day for this fella tomorrow. The Midland Triathlon Club open house is tomorrow evening. Of course as one of the coaches I need to be there so I'm going to integrate a ride with the meeting. The temperature is finally going to drop and the rain is supposed to stop by mid morning so hopefully be able to squeeze a 2 hour night ride in. I'm getting way to used to riding in the cold that sitting on the trainer or rollers is almost torture. Wait it is torture.

No snow in the forecast but finally seeing some sun in the next few days. Skiing is pretty much a right off for at least a week but some good long outdoor miles are definitely in the forecast. May be able to switch out the Big Maxxis for some slicks. I'm missing those 30 plus km/h rides of the summer. Soon

rest time

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