Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well no outdoor riding for this fella. It was decided by uncontrollable circumstances. First off is the cross bike itself. Broken chain. I don't trust the existing chain to repair it. Very unlikely that I've gotten that strong to break chains while doing hill intervals. Thanks Craig, it did boost my ego for a second. With a new chain needed a call to Georgian Cycle stopped an ideas of outdoor play. Dave is in Venezuela diving. Lucky guy but the shop is shut down till next week.

The second thing to stop me was the cray amount of snow that has dropped in the last 24 hours. Let me rephrase that. Last night I could still see the garden in the front yard this morning there was close to two feet of fresh white stuff out there. Of course I did have the option to pull one of the other bikes of the wall. Not happening. This just meant a weekend of indoor training.

Short time at the gym this morning which still put a nice strain on the legs. I swear that no one works out in my town once the weekend kicks it. Actually its great since I'm never waiting for a machine or bench. Of course after the gym was the first round of snow removal. From there it was into a room with a sorta view. 2 hours of roller time.

In less than an hour this is the snow that has dropped from my view on the bike.

To keep the mind focused watched Off Road to Athens while riding. Man do I ever miss singletrack. I miss dirt, bermed switchbacks and even catching a bit of air. Awww to day dream. Today's bike time was just endurance miles. The legs were feeling a bit tired for the first hour but then things came together. The time spent in the gym is defiantly putting an extra strain on them but the benefit is starting to show.

With the new fresh snow and cold temps dropping outdoor riding may be detuned a bit more but will be able to to start spending some time on the x-c skis. I know that the Molly Monster will be happy with that. She does grumble a bit every time the rollers or trainer gets setup.

The knees are feeling really good. The whole body is actually feeling really good and strong. The next power test is still a week and a half away. I'm looking forward to it and hoping to see the numbers that will put a smile on my face.

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