Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Still snowing and snowing and snowing!!!

Will it ever stop!!!!!!!!!! Still snowing. I need to get out and play in the snow very soon or I will snap. All it seems that I'm doing is working, training and clearing snow. I like the first two and don't mind the third but not twice a day. Because of timing I have been restricted to indoor training which is getting to me. Starting to feel like Jack. A little to much indoor time.

To give you an idea of what we are dealing with in snow. That is the roof of the Subaru. That's about 4.5 feet of snow in my front yard.

Besides becoming the 24 hour world champion of snow removal. Ok mild exaggeration. The last couple days have been treatment, the gym and trainer time. Next week is a well deserved recovery week. I'm feeling a bit drained but in a good way. Legs are feeling strong and my knees have been feeling amazing. I'll see the numbers next week when I get tested again.

I need to play in this snow so badly that I'm skipping the bike workout for a snowshoe adventure tomorrow. The Molly Monster needs a good run also and it will help me not hate all this white stuff. With the depth of it I have a feeling that I will get a better workout on the snowshoes than on the bike. Hopefully get some great photos of the adventure. Till tomorrow. Anyone wanna come over and shovel?

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