Saturday, January 12, 2008

These super sets the Dr. Bill has me doing hurt!!! Not complaining but crap I feel it at the end of each set. I think hill repeats would be less painful. On a fun note was a 2 hour ride with Brent. Mixed it up between the bike path, which was only partly clear and had tons of hard packed snow sections. Also got to play on a little bit of singletrack. MMMM I miss singletrack. This was an easy ride day as tomorrow is going to hurt. Today was high zone 2 low zone 3 but nothing above that.

It's pretty wild that this is the middle of january and I'm riding singletrack. Well take what you get. The car roof box is being sent out to the vinyl shop on Monday. The design is looking pretty sweet. Thinking that the new wheels that will be below it soon can't come soon enough.

Fun adventures this weekend. More later.

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