Thursday, January 10, 2008

I've been crazy busy the last couple days. The weather has been crazy also. Wednesday was the Tri Club open house. We had a great turn out and had some new faces. Lots of enthusiasm, I'm still not a triathlete but I play one on tv? Well to make my day a even more challenging I went out and played in that crazy wind. It was nuts out there and anyone with some common sense would have turned around and drove to the meeting. Not this cowboy, I'd rather suffer in 60 plus km/h head winds riding than have to sit on my trainer. Squeezed an hour in before the meeting. Of course I still had to ride back. Now this is where I was smiling. All that suffering into the wind I got the pay back on the return trip. Lets just say it was fun.

Even Slimer was glowing after the ride home.

Today was filled with even more cheap thrills. No rain, no snow, no wind and clear roads. WHEEL SWAP!!!! I've been running the Maxis Locust 30c since the fall and have not really had a day of speed since then.

Swapped out the winter wheel set for some deep dish wheels with slicks. AWWWWW, if it hadn't been an import workout for the gym I would have defiantly spent a few more hours on the road. The ride I did do gave me an idea of where the legs are at. As much as the testing with Heather lets me know in wattage to actually put the power to the pavement and compare is a little more rewarding. Lets just say I'm up, alot!!

As for the gym work out. Started my first set that Dr. Bill layed out. Yep, he is trying to hurt me. Super sets hurt. This is also the hardest of the workouts. Why? Rest day tomorrow. Needed. This weekend is going to be tough on the body.

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Matt - it's time to ditch slimmer.