Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Testing, Testing, 1,2,3. Are your legs ready? Well the legs were ready but the rest of the body wasn't. The cold is just hanging on enough that I rescheduled my power test. Guess it turned into a real rest week. I am feeling better and am not sitting on my butt doing nothing at least.

Its actually kind of funny. I've raced with a broken rib, major sciatic nerve problems, strained knee, sprained muscles, dehydration etc in the worst possible weather conditions and a simple little cold has shut me down this week.

Well if I am doing a VO2 and max power and heart rate test breathing seems to be an important part of it and I don't think Heather would appreciate me hacking up flem all over her gear.

I've been proactive though with the rest week which was just under and 1.5 hour recover spin yesterday. Today was a short time on the bike. Really short actually but stretching was my focus. Are roads have been clear for the last couple days and I really had this craving to get some outdoor miles in. Well the wind and the 15 degree temperature drop that happened in the course of 6 hours changed my mind on that. Steady 60km winds with gusts up to a 100km kept me hiding in the house tonight.

It's hard to believe we are at the end of January already. It's still 2.5 months away till the first testing of the legs in a real world situation. Awww the Uxbridge Icebreaker. I will say that I'm very disappointed that they moved the race from the first day of April to the middle of the month. Last year their were many racers who were fighting Hypothermia. Dressing for this event is tough. Last year it was 3 degrees Celsius and pouring rain. Personally I loved every minute of it. I know a few that were not happy on their drive home.

I love the really crappy conditions like that. Cold, rainy windy etc. Train in it because you don't know if your going to have to race in it. I say this as I'm hiding in the house keeping warm as the wind is blowing and the temperature is hovering at minus 10 degrees Celsius and minus 24 with the wind chill. There is that fine line between brave and stupid. Tonight I decided not to cross it.

Back at the gym tomorrow, hoping to get an hour plus outdoor ride in if the weather is a bit more agreeable. The intensity picks up again this weekend. Bring it on!!!

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