Sunday, January 6, 2008

I just wasn't feeling it today. I think it was a combination of a late night, tough gym workout and crappy temperatures. Yes the thaw is nice but its also the worst temperature for aching body parts. I really should have just stuck to the rollers or trainer today but Molly Monster needed a good run.

Out on the skis I went. I was surprised to get as much grip out there as I did but no glide today. Just over an hour in high zone 2 and a slightly tired dog. Well maybe not a tired dog but a little calmer.

From there it was things went down hill. I really cut my time on the rollers down. Just couldn't get the feel for it today so spent the rest of the time stretching. The body said get off the bike today and I listened.

I never ever panic about loosing a day of training. It very rarely happens so when it does I take full advantage of it. Yep, sat on the couch and watched movies drinking coffee and eating potato chips. This is my last easy Sunday for training. Hours ramp up dramatically starting next week. I'm running the indoor group rides for the club which means minimum 3 hours every Sunday.

Well back to doing nothing. Might as well finish the day the way it started. The pace starts to pick up now.

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