Sunday, January 20, 2008

WHAT THE $%&@!!!! Ok, winter is back. 3 weeks ago winter literally disappeared in 48 hours. Well it returned in less than 24 and it came with a vengeance's. Sunday is my day of coaching and also my longest time on the bike. The day started out not to bad. Well except for the fact of having to snow blow the driveway at 7:50 am so I could get to the Subaru. There is something to be said about all wheel drive. Without it I wouldn't have gotten out today since the plows didn't come by till well after I was gone. I'm hoping the Audi will be as good in the snow.

It was group spin day which makes the time go by much quicker. We have some pretty amazing athletes in the tri club including Louise who is our World Champion Ironman in her age group. I hope I'm in half as good of shape as her when I'm in my 60's.

For this fella it was 2.5 hours playing in low mid zone 3 followed by another hour of high zone 2. The last hour was spent alone but it was time to focus. Put in a good movie and just spun. Now 3.5 hours is more than enough to drain most people including myself at this time of the year. What was to come in the afternoon took things beyond.

Mother nature has a sick sense of humour. She dropped well over 2 feet of snow in less than 24 hours.

The Element didn't have a chance in hell getting out until I cleared the driveway.

The truck was clear last night

Now my driveway was the easy part. It was off to Mom's and lets just say that again. Mine was the easy driveway.

This is the snow bank at the end of the driveway and yes that is my waist and remember that I'm 5 foot 11.

There was next to no snow here on Friday. Lucky Mom hadn't planned on travelling to far today till I came up in the afternoon.

From there it was over to Mom's neighbour to clear their driveway. It was in the same shape as Mom's 2-3 feet deep. By the time I was done all of this it was 2.5 hours of snow blowing. Now just for a joke I wore my heart rate monitor. Mid zone 2 average. So I trained for 6 hours today. Lets just say I am completely wiped. It's a rest day tomorrow but this includes treatment from Dr. Bill.

No outdoor riding for a little while but I 'm thinking some snowshoeing and x-c skiing will definitely be rotated into this weeks training to give the legs a change from the bike.

Time to eat, again. Calories to restore. Later

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