Friday, January 4, 2008

A friend of mine got into the debate of cross training in the winter versus sticking to the bike. This really does become a personal choice. It is important to get off the bike after a long season to keep the mind still craving the ride.

Cross training is important as I'm learning from Dr. Bill. Sticking to one specific sport all the time will begin to cause major muscle imbalance. I've found this out first hand and I do cross train. Everyone is building their winter training a little different. For me, I'm mixing things up with x-c skiing and snowshoeing but my most important workouts are still done on the bike even if it is indoors. I agree that if I had to sit on the trainer all the time and that was the only means of training I would start to hate it.

So what is the cure. Keep riding outside as much as possible. When you see things like this it does remind you why you do it.

Of course at minus 12c I didn't stop for very long.

Gym night in between the ride. The workout time has been trimmed down now as everything is done in super sets. What used to take an hour is barely 30 minutes now and I'm feeling it by the end.

This weekend is looking warmer and warmer. Hmmm could be interesting.

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