Saturday, February 9, 2008

The last couple days have been interesting. ok better an description, just down right busy. Work, well work is work which is always busy. Now the training has been the different factor. It was 2 das of testing happening in my basement. I had Heather pack up her gear and set up shop in my lower apartment for some mild abuse on some of the local cyclist and triatheltes. Great results for everyone tested and this included moi.

Lets just say that I am very very happy with where I am at. Wattage was up, way up. I'm still being held back a bit by my right leg motion. The knee/hip thing is still an issue at the max side of things but was able to go much higher since the last test. Dr. Bill if you are reading this, we are getting clser to being fixed, watch out once I am. Body weight and fat% were the same.

Not much else happening. With the test Friday night I did just over an hour this morning in zone 3 then spent the rest of the time helping atletes get setup and tested. This included me drinking a vast amount of coffee. MMMM. My knee is annoying me a bit today but it's very much understandable why. I have multipule days of treatment/a.r.t. this week and a slightly revised training program now which should help.

Couch time, 4 hours on the bike tomrrow. Need my rest. More updates tomorrow

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