Monday, February 28, 2011

Before it's gone

It seems like Awenda Park is turning anti skiing, it's not that they are stopping you from attempting it, it just seems to be impossible to actually do it. This was attempt number to for some good miles on the trails, this was fail number two. The snow seems to have some glue like substance in it which made forward motion almost impossible. We shuffled along with random success before calling it at the 7 km mark. It was just that evil snow for classic skiing, wet, snowball making type snow. This makes for hero type conditions for skate skiing. To the bay!!!

It was perfect, the bay had about an inch of coverage. The best conditions all year and it looks like they may stay like that for the next couple days. We toured around and got a great look at the pressure crack that formed a few days earlier, in a few places it's easily 4 feet tall keeping the ice huts in and the snowmobiles out. Some great skiing to be done in the next few days hopefully, Last year the ice disappeared in less than 3 days in the beginning of March. There is a strong chance of that happening again this year with the cold weather calendar (wood pile) in my basement starting to run low, spring is right around the corner.

A solid training week with lots of hours, this means I'm feeling a little achy. Time for a tune up from Dr. Bill.

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