Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Rest and recovery

It's such an interesting term depending on what your life includes. Being a somewhat fast cyclist R&R doesn't include a beach chair by the pool. Nope, for most of us sick demented types it still means riding a bike with focus. In this case it was a night of trying to make my legs go fast.

Yes those pale sticks were suffering on the vomit machine well below vomit pace.

From there those pale sticks made their way onto the recovery table, a great visit with my AT who poked and distorted the facial tissues in my legs till things felt back to normal. As close to normal as they may be capable of. Jennie has been doing amazing things with my legs over the last few months, mixed in with Dr. Bill the two of them have kept me not looking like the hunchback in a wheel chair.

The body is feeling great this morning, of course I haven't done anything yet but fill it with coffee. Fuel of choice. More tomorrow.

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