Thursday, February 10, 2011

crazy lady?

I missed my window last night. I've thought about it a bit and I've yet to have a good battle with Mother Nature. Actually I've had no real good reason to this point to call her names and renew our love/hate relationship we've shared in the past. I've had great driving, pretty good ski conditions, clear roads for ride etc etc. Above all she has been slamming her vengeance on everyone else this year as my snowblower has had a good rest. For some reason others to the south have seemed to have been her focus this year. Hearing all their gripes and complaints about Old Man Winter and Mother Nature has had me smiling and when you smile you can't complain. Until now.

Last night was the first time this year that she pissed me off. Like flash backs of last year the conditions were perfect for everyone else. Head 20 km in any direction and the world was rainbows and butterflies. The problem was getting there. An attempt was made to head just a little ways north for a snowshoe with the dogs. The dogs were wired for an adventure, this of course added to the frustration as the highway heading north became a wall of white with slow moving traffic. It took about 15 seconds for me to decide to bail on the situation. Of course the decision was the easy part as I was forced to drive for another 10 minutes before I could get off the highway. This 10 minutes is normally 2, the return home was uneventful.

As I pulled back in the driveway my original plan went out the windows, the rainbows were gone, the butterflies were dead, Mother Nature became a bitch. My hiking partner for the evening went from the dogs to the snowblower. Clearing my driveway is an aerobic activity, I wore the HR monitor just to see how much. I needed to be in recovery zone tonight, yep that's exactly what it was. Of course it was far from as enjoyable as what the hike would have been. Mother Nature screwed with my fun, piss off lady. Head back south on your vacation and continue to annoy others please.

Attempts will be made to play outside today whether she likes it or not.

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