Friday, February 11, 2011

The great illusion of speed.

Fake speed? If you look fast you are fast? There are so many different descriptions that could be used. There is that illusion of a really fast car and you instantly think that you could never beat it in a drag race, then you watch the drive stall it 3 times in first gear. The illusion of speed gets you farther than you may think. I'm hoping that is the case with for me.

I ski a lot, am I fast at it?? I really don't know because I mainly ski with Shannon and the dogs. In comparison to them the dogs kick my ass all the time. Especially on the hills. Well that might change, they may stay in my draft the next time out. It's not that I will be going faster but the look that I'll be sporting may knock their nerves just a little that they'll want to save a little effort just in case. The fear that I could just throw a massive acceleration down, blowing past them. Of course I know this won't happen but they don't need to know that.

The new classic boots, yes they are flashy. Very fast flashy, just the boots alone is like putting a turbo sticker on the side of a car. You don't have a turbocharged engine but the words alone show speed.

Aww then comes the next step, the new skis.
Am I capable of skiing on Atomic's World Cup Classics? I really don't know but will find out. Will I look extremely fast standing on the track set. Dam right. Will this get me racing ? Possibly but it would still more than likely be on my skates for something like this.

Of course you think I would be anxious to get out on the new setup, I am but I'm being reserved until Sunday. there is still some biking type training to be done in the next couple days. That leads to the next way I'll be looking for false speed. It comes to the bikes.


Yes those are flames and like putting a NOS sticker on my bike these have made me dramatically faster already. So fast that I will be the fastest person on the start line until they actually say go. That look of speed will have everyone intimidated and allow me to lead out for the first 3 feet of the race, then fitness kicks in and it won't matter how many stickers I have on my bike, as riders blow past. Thanks to Shannon I will be looking faster than I really am.

I think I better drink more coffee today, attempts to be jacked up on an excessive amount of caffeine may be the only way I can keep up with my gear.


Brandon Parker said...

Flames stickers? Link please

Matt Spak said...

the link is about 5 foot 6 and very cute. Shannon made them custom for the Anthem. The Chuck Norris bike may be next because we all know that Chuck can light things on fire by just thinking it