Friday, February 18, 2011

Should have McGyever'd it

How did this survive?

My high tech fix during the ride of rotating it back in line with the other links seemed to work. If I'd had my trusty Swiss Army knife I would have cut down a tree and made a new link out of the trunk. Lucky for the earth I left it at home. Lucky for me I didn't die on the ride. It It gave me a chance for some quality time with the bikes last night had me giving the cross bike the TLC that it needed after it's last adventure and preparation for it's next. It's next it's coming sooner than later, a few hours from now. Great timing that I'm taking today off for our new mid winter long weekend rather than Monday. Conditions out side are amazing, not for winter activities, not at 10 degrees and sunny breaks. Nope it's looking like a great day to ride a bike for a long time.

Where I'll be going? I've yet to decide but the CX will be the weapon of choice. Food must be eaten, time to get ready to play before winter attempts to return. Hopefully it leads to some great conditions for this weekends trip south to the Frost Bike race.

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