Monday, February 14, 2011

plan altered

It was a weekend fully of altered plans. Saturday found me anxious and excited for the sun and my skate skis. Two energetic dogs, one energetic person, one very protected yard found me a little un aware on how strong the wind was. A stroll down to Georgian Bay my original thought began to change at about 40 km/h. The wind was great because it clearer and packed the snow on the bay making for what could be great skate conditions, the crazy head wind that I faced didn't even allow me to get out of the channel. The return back to the house was not as energetic, plan B was about to come into affect.

Plan B involved the vomit machine, 30 Watt increases, and feeling like my legs were beaten with baseball bats. In the end I'm pretty content with the results, was not as content being stuck indoors. Hopefully Sunday will be better. It was, the plan included the new skis and a double loop of Awenda Park. The problem, there is that wonderful temperature that the classic skis are normally put away, skate skis come out or better yet bikes are ridden. That's about what happened.

As the morning progressed the thermometer continued to rise. So did the pile of snow that began clumping in the grip zone. Shannon was a solid 2 inches taller. For me, well lets just say the new WC skis were not moving at all. Some playing with the grip zone needs to be done, another day. Skiing plan B, FrostBike training.

Conditions were perfect, roads were pretty clear not including the dirt, slush, puddles, etc. I'd bribed Shannon with the thought that there could be either a beer or a coffee at the mid way point, who would have thought that everything would have been closed when we got to Honey Harbour. Good base miles put in with a 2.5 hour spin. The ride was spent doing some negotiations with Shannon with something involving a 24 hour and tag team. There was lap ratios discussed, there was begging and pleading, the answer still is very open ended, there was no NO used for hot august nights.

Feeling a bit anxious for this weekend, should be a fun time and a great test of the legs.

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