Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Living with a monster

Forget Marley and Me, Molly and me have had more and better stories. The movie rights are for sale for a reasonable price. As the coin toss last night lead me out to Copeland with the rocket skis and the Monster. The forest seemed empty except for the two of us. Watching Molly run up the trail brought back memories. The things she has done, who she has passed, who she has crashed out, the injuries she has had and came back from. I also had realized that I missed her birthday.

It's hard to believe that I've had her for 7 years now, it's also hard that believe that someone gave her up to the wiemeriner rescue. I still remember the day I went to the rescue to meet her, there was some hesitation, glad I didn't hesitate that much. It didn't take long for us to bond. From there it's been a blur of stories and quotes. Mom's loving support saying that she acts just like I did when I was a teenager, revenge is a bitch isn't it. Those were not the exact works but the same idea. Over the next year there were many times I wanted to &(&#$, guess that's how my parents felt also.

That's when Molly cycling career started, first with short trail rides. A tired dog lead to a happy Matt. Of course Molly took a little to learn the rules of single track, like rule number one, don't stop dead to sniff something when you are leading. After a few times of being able to stop in time her luck ran out and she felt a 26 inch dry tire up her ass. Being the smart girl she is her speed ability to judge terrain, speed, and the wonderful sound of disc brakes she learned when she should lead, follow or get the hell out of the way. It didn't take long for her to figure out that I was faster going downhill than her so revenge would be on the uphills. She would get to the top first, turn around and sit down and stare with a taunting look basically saying "speed your ass up weak boy!!!" before bolting ahead again. It continued like this for many years in just about every activity I played in.

Then she started to hit her peak, she learned the single track rules so well that she evolved to a racer, She started running race courses with me for a few pre rides. She still has one hell of a quick lap time around an Albion O-Cup course. Would make most sport racers jealous. Being as competitive as her master Molly began figuring out some of the UCI rules also and applying them to group rides including the MNS rides. If it's not taped it's legal, as her short tracking courses began to make sure she would take the lead. This also included no remorse for wiping out any rider she crashed out or Nascar passed. There were more than one occasion that the pack was split up because of a move. Her thoughts, "it was a clean pass, you just wish you would have thought of it first"

Of course this past year Molly started to slow down, she swelled a little. As that Misfit Fella said at one race "Your dog is looking a little more muscular than in the past" I think that was the one and only time I've heard Peter be politically correct. Of course he called my dog fat, she was. She was also out of shape and that was my fault, attempts to start her back to the old Molly began slowly. That's when the career ending injury happened, her broken leg after the 24 hour race. Who would have thought she would have come back from that, the surgeons sure didn't.

Well the Monster's back, full force and in some cases better than ever. Of course she has her new partner in crime Rogue the wonder strip who will hopefully follow in her footsteps. As we slid around the trails last night in the less than perfect conditions Molly had no choice but to keep a high pace, the icy trails, me on the new rocket skis with the grip zone almost figured out meant for some very fast paced sections. Molly ran with no problem for two hours and roughly 25 km. She returned to the old ways, at the top of every hill waiting patiently for me to catch up. What will this summer bring with her.

As for skiing, a few interesting thoughts. Lots of new leaves down, Mother Nature seems to think that winter may be shorter than normal also. Maybe those rodents were right, if they lied I'll be sending Molly out to chase them around, they wouldn't stand a chance against the Monster!!!!

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