Thursday, February 3, 2011

Insider trading (training)

The evil snowstorm came and went. I think it showed up, took about 20 minutes longer to clear the driveway and that was only because I wanted to play with my snowblower. This wasn't anything new and like normal snowplowing my driveway could have been considered training. Of course it's boring in some cases so I loaded up the dogs and my classic skis and headed to the backyard. I'd had an insider tip that some place had just been rolled after the snow. Unfortunately for me that great info came 2 plus hours earlier and Mother Nature decided to drop a few more inches of snow. Just enough to make glide almost non existent. It was like skiing into mash potatoes.

This didn't stop me though, with 2 strung out dogs and a craving for movement I headed towards the end of the north trails. This happens to pass my inside informers place, the dogs ran up and pee'd on their door step for the questionable information. This brought out revenge from above. Chalet homes are fantastic, usually with large windows overlooking something. Most high class resident hang something nice from these windows, my friends. Well.

This was the tail end of seeing Tristan hanging his ass out against the window. The interesting thing is he sat like that for a few minutes. I wonder if he thinks his actions might attract women. HMMMM. Lucky for most of the local are away. After finding my eyes what was left of my burned out eyes lying in the snow I motored along. The conditions didn't really improve but that was understandable. Things will be amazing today.

2 hours of shuffling along, distance I would normally cover in this time was cut in half. I forgot how shaky race skis can be on non track set trails or in most cases un anything trails. It didn't even cross my mind to grab my back country beaters, next time.

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