Tuesday, February 22, 2011

FrostBike Round 2

As promised, pictures.

Could this be a future million dollar race horse? Maybe, I just did everything I could not to be kicked or pushed around by the mother. Cute little thing but didn't really respond well to "Here horsy, horsy, horsy"

Sucking up to Shannon, not the greatest weather for a trip to the falls. It seemed that the Amercian's bribed Mother Nature and kept the sun on their side of the falls. Did see a few Darwin Award attempts almost happen. For some reason warning signs and icy railings and fast moving water are not enough of a deterent.

One of the many bridges around the locks. Pretty cool views on the warm up ride. Yes I'm very aware that i'm not in my normal race kit. It's warm and it's winter. Need I say more. Looking forward to heading back down in the warm weather armed with road bikes and no schedule. I've been told that there is some amazing riding to be done down there.

Lining up with the fast crew, over stepping myself a little at this time of the year? It was going to hurt no matter who I lined up with.

The course was a mix of single track, snow covered pathways, and a few side roads. Not a huge amount of climbing which pretty much meant you were on the gas the whole time. When a little rise appeared it hurt like hell. The single track was great and will help me get through the next month or so until the snow melts here.

After 4 laps and around 4 hours of riding. Still smiling, just happy to be out riding my bike.

The dead body locked in the trunk. Amazing enough it cleaned up easily.

An easy spin followed with a long stretching session took up the evening with some bike cleaning mixed in took up Monday. 4 hours of riding followed shortly after with a 3.5 hour drive home left the body feeling a little out of whack. Still worth every minute of it.

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Jeff Moote said...

Get in touch when you do return to Niagara in the summer and I'll be happy to show you the best roads or trails.