Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Yet another love

Oh coffee how I love thee, let me count the ways. I can't count that high without help. Mornings would be horrible with out it. I would have never become a morning person if I didn't have some additional help of the liquid form. Since it's not recommended to crack a beer at 6 am and for some reason I've just never had a craving to do that coffee became that liquid of choice. Of course as tastes grew and my wonderful stomach failed with lactose rejection the old common coffees just didn't seem to cut it. Coffee from that hockey player based shop started to taste like the crap that it is. That's when I came across the good stuff.

Well the good stuff just got better, with new good stuff. It has a chain ring, it must be good.

I've yet to open either, I must finish the open bag first. Self control is key. I wouldn't want to take a chance of wasting, kittens and dolphins would dies if good coffee was wasted. MMMM Coffee, I love you.

In the training front world, life took over from play. It will be another busy week of training and adding in a trip to Joyride limits the amount of time I could spend being a grown up and do grown up things, like laundry and cleaning. For some reason once you hit your 30's it's not even expected it's required. You receive a letter a day after your 30th birthday warning you of this. I did manage to spend some quality time with the Anthem and it's in the final stages. It's fully assembled, just needs tuning. That's about the same when talking about the shape of the body. It's together, it's just needing a little tuning. The hip flexor's are beginning to cave in and release back to normal positions.

Training resumes tonight, coffee resumes this morning. Mmmmmm Coffee!!!!!

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