Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Time to leave

Am I ready for spring? Most definitely. I'm getting sick of the trainer. Maybe I'm not sick of it just not very enthusiastic about spending quality time with a device that forces you to do a hard effort with little pay off. It's that short term reward that I'm talking about, the long term is pretty obvious. It's that instant gratification that I'm missing, like the downside of a hill, or a good tail wind. Better yet, a sweet piece of single track. I'm beginning to really crave these things.

Don't get me wrong, the xc skiing is great but there unfortunately are things that must be done on the trainer because road conditions and Mother Nature just don't allow for it. It's that time that hill training starts to enter the program. I'm not a huge climbing fan to begin with, attempting to simulate hills on the trainer is just torture. It must be done, or does it? There seems to be a break in the weather coming, right around the same time as many have left for warmer climates. This could work to my favour.

As much as I would love to spend some serious quality time with the knew rocket skis, after the ride on Sunday with Shannon i started to have that "melt dammit" mentality. Screw natural weather conditions for the area. Yes, many years ago the thought of snow gone by April was normal, now it's more be gone by mid February. In this area it just may happen. It's put me in a bit of a training debate for this week. This is looking like the only day all week that skiing may be an option. It also happens to be the day that the sun will be out full force. Do I head to a groom trail in the big back yard and play with the rocket skis? This means I would be in the trees and the shadows. Hmmm.

The bay is also looking potentially perfect. The thaw yesterday followed by the dramatic temperature drop could lead to the best conditions of the season for lake skate skiing. It also means quality time in the sun working on some sort of tan line. My paleness would love some sun. The last thought comes into the perfect roads, clear, spotless, all of them. The thought of road riding is very much crossing my mind, again quality time in the sun, quality time on some hills. What to do, what to do.

With the skiing potentially at an end for at least a week the thoughts should be to head out on slippery sticks but with the first race this weekend and with more specific training now beginning the thoughts would be to the bike. I'm feeling that it could be a coin toss type day. Work of course will be the 4th deciding factor. Maybe I'll just get lucky and the Mother Nature will just make it instant spring and I would have to decide. The trainer would be put into rest mode until next fall, what a wonderful thought.

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