Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skiing in the past

How did I think that racing my bike in February would some how give me the strength to ride the trainer for the next month or until it's at least it's warm enough for every ride to be outdoors. Who was I fooling, even with every type of stimulation to make the indoor stuff easier from Tour videos to full laps of previous race courses on the tv the padded room is beginning to become my least favorite room in the house.

It happened again yesterday, some specific things needed to be done on the trainer, I started, I got half way, I got bored, annoyed, frustrated as I looked out the window and the semi nice windless day. I've been really good all winter until this point with disciplining myself to stay and finish, let's be honest, the trainer sucks, rollers are amusing for 10 minutes and then they fall into the same category as the trainer. Now with more and more outdoor rides being possible, including a trail ride doing what caged rodents are forced to do is just not right. I'm not a hamster, get me off this dam wheel. Putting cheese in front of me doesn't even work. I stopped.

Screw it I'm playing outside in the snow. It won't be long now before it's gone, this includes the ice. With two bouncing dogs in need of a fast paced run there was only one option. Bike shoes changed to ski boots and a quick drive over to Victoria Harbour docks for a rip up and down Hog's Bay. Yet again perfect conditions. No wind, just a slight dusting of snow for that just needed grip but yet not thick enough to slow the amazing glide of glare ice. Yet again no hills. AWWWWWWWWWW

Coming down the backside of the bay where the remains of the now demolished grain elevators (link)stood I saw some of the last remaining history of the area. Some sort of oven, this side of the bay had a nice beach, may have been for those beach party bbq's that the 1930's were famous for.

Quick glance and I shuffled along. There was some time restrictions on me, I should have skipped the trainer completely and just skied, that hind sight 20/20 vision. A 1:15 on the bay had me smiling and craving more. It may be late season but better late than never, just as being on the bike is becoming more and more important. Doesn't look like we'll be losing the ice for at least a couple more weeks, lots of time.

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