Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Trusting a rodent

It's ground hog day. A simple warning you little rodent, don't get it wrong. There are many that may kill you if you do. For me, well it's yet another scary snowstorm out there. I'm looking for it, like all the other ones this year it's either missed us or I was to busy rolling my eyes on what is considered a snow storm. Will we be on clear pavement in a few weeks, will there be 6 more weeks of snow? Will the new pair of classic's I just ordered in get lot's of play time or will I be pulling the Chuck Norris bike of the vomit machine to start riding real hills?

I'll be honest, I really don't care either way. I've been in loving the skis, a couple man rides have now begun and sessions on the it vomit machine have been a bit easier with some company in the room.


Tommy said...

When are you going to be at JR? I'll drop by

Matt Spak said...

Will be there friday night for the womens weekend thing. Shannon is doing the clinic