Thursday, May 5, 2011

3 in a row

This is the longest I've been off the bike in months, yesterday was the third day in a row. Scary is an understatement, I'm very surprised that my body isn't going int some sort of shock. Maybe muscle stiffness could be considered that. I've had pretty good reasons, of course those are modified excuses and they will come to an end tonight. The timing for everything has been pretty much perfect, recovery week started with Dr. Bill placing all my bones in line again. Snap crackle and pop, always a good time. By the time I finished my work day doing this very brain numbing product update for one of the manufactures I work for then the visit to Bill I was pretty much cooked and had little or no craving to pedal a bike.

On came Tuesday, this turned into yet another run around as quick as I could because there are not enough minutes in the day. Once the work world was done it was off to see my AT. Jennie spent the next hour and a half fixing all the muscular damage I'd done to my legs over the last three weeks of training. Yet again I was to trashed and it was too late for me to want to even look at a bike, couch bound number two.

Then came yesterday, I had every intention of spinning the legs out, I needed it, the legs needed it. I found myself again doing this mind number update which had me basically doing factory work. For a guy who isn't used to spending much more than 30 minutes in each customer's house followed by driving around lots this staying in one place doing the same thing over and over and over again had me looking for ways to take myself out of my misery. Lucky for me there was nothing close by for me to cut my head off with, I would have been able to continue working even without it. Unfortunately I will still have one more day of this in the very near future. The money is worth it, or is it. I have no idea how people can survive working in a factory.

After that I needed to get on the bike, as I pulled into the driveway yet again other things took over and smashed down the will to go. The fact that I was tired and a little stiff to start, add in the 40 km/h winds and the quickly dropping temperature it didn't take much before I knew it would be a nogo. So here I sit, sipping coffee, legs elevated, feeling pretty good. The sun has come up, the weather predictions are looking good, I'm back to doing my normal work day, I have two strung out dogs. Yes there are two here this morning. It will be a much more common thing in the next couple weeks and in the very near future it will be a permanent thing. As of last night Shannon's house, which has been on the market for 3 days, sold. After all in all this was pretty much the best birthday present I could get. It had us up later than normal with phone calls back in forth to the agent and considering all of that I'm not feeling tired. More relieved than anything. Maybe that's why the sun came up this morning????

Now I will say that the 1 pound solid chocolate Easter bunny I got drew a close second. For my own well being it's been put in the freezer out of temptation, it won't stop me but it could slow me down a little. Being older I know that frozen chocolate hurts the teeth and jaw. Tonight will be spent in the trails, having some fun, looking forward to what is yet to come. A great recovery week so far, and a fantastic birthday present.

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