Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Victoria continued

After a solid day of sleeping and eating I'm feeling closer to myself. I'll still be having a few more chill days, Mother Nature may help with that by sending some crap weather our way. So why did I not pull the plug early during this race? Why did it happen in the first place? That is the bigger question, why did my body get horribly mad at me? I'll be running through my nutrition again but it should have been fine. It's pretty much what I've done for the last couple years and have had phenomenal results. There could be a superstitious reason I blew up.

So I have always finished second and had horrible stomach problems every time I've been handed the infamous number one plate. It's a nice honor but I think for me it's bad luck. Flashback 3ish years ago to the Mountainview 9 hour, my stomach did the wildest things that I battled to hold on to 2nd place after leading for the first half the race. The following year I was handed plate number 7 and won by 3 laps. Here again plate number 1, stomach went crazy, body went mad, I fought and pushed to hold onto 2nd place in the division. Yes, I'm just a little superstitious when it comes to a bike race. Please all race organizer unless you want to see me catastrophically explode give me any other plate but number 1. Thank you in advance.

The course, again I must say was awesome, it was hard and challenging but a nice change from the normal endurance lap type races. The trail marking was fantastic, I did get off trail once and I'll blame that on Dan himself. As I came down a section I saw him go by on the motorcycles and started to follow him, of course this meant I went past the signs to turn . What the eyes see and the mind absorbs sometimes. I only lost about 15 seconds before realizing the mistake. Besides that, there were never any doubts of which way to go. Somehow though many people got off course. Racers??? If it's not fully taped they get lost. I'm interested in seeing the full results, to see who did what etc etc.

Check out the AWI Racing site, for more updates from the team. I'm currently enjoying coffee, it's needed as I return to work this morning.


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