Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It's about dam time

It's early morning, it's already perfect outside, it's going to get hot. How hot? By this years weather standards it's going to be like sitting on the sun. A good week to return to training. Last night was also a reminder on why I love this time of year. It was a Monday Night Something celebration of sorts. We rode, it was warm, it was evening and no lights were needed. IT was almost strange not packing extra clothes, just in case. The apres drive home was enjoyable also, 20 degrees late in the evening. No complaints here.

I'm in debate about the Canada Cup still, I could put in a some solid training, which is becoming tempting. Maybe it's knowing that racing single speed is going to hurt and that Hardwood Hills is not my favorite place for a hard tail. Once I ride the course I'll make a decision, in the end there is still bigger fish to fry. Count down to the 24 hour, in some cases this has become the most important race of the season. T and I are aiming for a repeat win. I'm hoping.

The countdown has also begun on moving day, The months has now turned to weeks. Shannon's place will no longer be her place in just over 4 weeks. Seems like a long time but it's not in the world of our busy lives. If anyone is around next weekend and NOT racing the Albion O-Cup, want to help move some stuff??? We will offer cookies and beer. Help??? Please?????

Time to do that normal coffee induced thing, off to work.

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