Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Two different riding styles

Good day on the bike, it hurt, it wasn't fun, but yet it was. The first return of intensity of sorts and I wasn't sure what to expect. Shannon decided to join me on the road and got to see first hand the self abuse I put on myself. As she toured just behind as I blasted out full effort sprints over and over again she enjoyed the scenery, I enjoyed staring at the road as I slung my body over the handlebars after a round of puke paced exertion. Hmmmm Someone has the right idea, someone may not.

Things were not to far off from what I expected, the body is not in the most pleasant shape. I'm far from gumby by flexible right now and I feel that when on the road bike. What was the highlight, despite that I was almost forcing myself to puke, it was from the sprints, not from overheating. The body is adjusting well to the heat, there doesn't seem to be any signs of recourse from the thermal meltdown at the 100 miler. I'll still be watching things very carefully over the next few weeks.

Finished up the ride with a stop down at the bay, plans of a ice water flush were pretty much destroyed when I stepped in and felt bath warm. The bay is warming up quickly, still felt great. This is the first sign of true summer. No bugs, great weather, etc etc. Bring it on, but let it go by slowly. The 3 months of summer usually go by as a blur. Maybe this year will be different?

Wednesday night World Cup tonight. Preride the Canada Cup, should be another good night.

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