Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The day before the longest day before the longest weekend

I found out first hand about braking power, where it comes from, how it's distributed etc etc. I've also decided that if one was to fail I have my preference on which it would be. NEITHER!!!!! In some cases I should be happy that I'm having all the bike problems now than during the weekends thrills. Of course I would have preferred not to have any problems. I know that brakes are over rated and just slow you down, they are for the fearful and that Chuck Norris doesn't use them to slow himself down, he uses his mind to slow the world around him. unfortunately I'm not Chuck Norris and I would crash spectacularly into a trees if I didn't have them.

Pretty chill Monday night ride with the crew. Ride a little, rest a little, attempt to damage or crash out one another a little. Yep a typical MNS night. Things started fine with the new brake set up on the bike but as the ride progressed the front brake lever started to get closer and closer to the bar. The braking power of course went from great to is this thing working??? Just worked on my 8 year old skidding technique in a few corners.

Why is it that when your 10 years old you have absolute fear of your front brakes, fear of going over the bars. Of course when your 10 you also ride with more style leaving the best slid turns you can, dragging a foot from time to time, not caring that you might not actually slow down while making motorcycle sounds the whole time. Then you grow up, get fearful of death, injuries, etc and love your front brake. You feel safer when it's on, in control. I love my front brake. I need my front brake.

By the end of the ride my front brake was pretty much a horn, I was able to pedal with it fully engaged. Yet another project to do. Once home any inspection and test it started to work again flawlessly, air bubble somewhere. No chances are being taken, it's now currently on the work bench wanting some TLC. There are days when it would be nice to be simple, old coaster brake system, that's it.

Visit to Albion tonight. Should be entertaining.

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