Tuesday, June 28, 2011

More of the 24

Of course I can stretch this out. A solid day of rest yesterday followed up with a AWI pub ride which for the first time this year we actually rode our bikes to has me feeling a lot better. Like usual I always wonder why I do this type of abuse to my body. Then as the pain starts to go away I start to think about the next thrill I can beat myself up at. Like usual I also start having lots of the small details reappear in my head as the brain becomes rested again.

This is was no different than previous years for wild life, in the early parts of the race I just about T-boned a coyote. I'm wondering if this is the same one I saw a week earlier in the pre ride. Probably not, I assume that it's possible to have more than one wild dog in the forest but what I will say is that they really do need to learn passing etiquette. I had the right of way as I came cooking it into the Albion Witch section and he had absolutely disregarded the rules of the trail as he ran out in front of me, wasn't very impressed.

As for me, I will be honest that I was a little concerned on how the body would hold up. This year has been a dramatic change. I'm training but in a different way, not as focused as in previous years, I have a different focus this year obviously. In some cases I'm seeing that I'm technically faster but in other ways I'm feeling weak. Who knows, with these long races you never really know what the body will do. I do know that the next couple weeks will be pretty chill. More focus will be spent on helping get Shannon ready for he 8 hour adventure race at the end of July.

My race schedule has tentatively changed. The summer 8 hour is out, we will be away, Shannon's race. What is potentially in, Buckwallow o-cup in single speed or Lost in the Rocks and Trees. I will say that I love Buckwallow, it's been a couple years since the last time I raced it though. Lost in the Rocks and Trees is a race I've thought about doing for years but it's just never worked out. Both are last minute decisions depending on how the body feels, the weather, the star and moon alignment, etc. Right now riding my bike longer than to the pub doesn't excite me to much. Of course that always changes.


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