Friday, June 17, 2011

Check in, check out

It's been a few days, not much happening, Bike prep one 101 has begun along with the start to pack list. Riding has been pretty chill, solid tempo on Tuesday, rest and then enjoyed the weather with an easy cruise on the rail trail last night. The bendy stretchy sessions are in full swing, won't really know if they are making a difference yet but I'm hoping even the placebo effect will come into play and I can will everything into a happy place.

The house is slowly returning to an organized state. Not to sound the wrong way but this weather is the wrong indoor weather and the craving to spend anymore time indoors emptying boxes and sorting items is at a minimal. Those boxes can stayed packed for as long as Mother Nature keeps this up.

Legs felt solid and strong, will be heading to Albion this weekend for a few hours of play. Curious about this years course, I know I'll see lots of it soon enough but remember that you're talking to the obsessive compulsive over planner organizer who needs to have a plan for every scenario. Weekend is coming, the countdown is down to 7 days. Lot's of time, lots to do.

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