Thursday, June 9, 2011

24 hour training

More moving, more riding, more rain. Weekly Wolrd Cup did turn into on when two team riders tried to take out the team leader. Won't go into details but plan would have worked if there had been a third rider who will rremain namless Cough Cough (Tristan) bailed because of a little rain Lot's of slipping and sliding through the mud, brought back 24 hour memories of previous years. Hoping that it won't be a premenision into what is to come. Like last year I'll go overly prepared and bring a bike that's great for being dragged through the mud. It will hopefully stay on the car and the race will be rainbows and butterflies. Hoping.

One thing was learned, AWi kit is still very bright even when it's covered in mud. Can't hide these colours. Need coffee this morning.

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